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Hi, I am


 Corporate trainer, Personal transformation Coach and Counselling Psychologist Helping People in elevating their inherent potential, solving life problems, Achieving goals and living their lives to the fullest.

One of my greatest passion is to develop and transform the people by clearing their limiting mental blocks so that they can live a richer, fuller and meaning full Life.


I’ve been fortunate in touching so many lives and bringing in attitudinal transformation dealing with their Emotional, Psychological and Behavioral issues.

Above the Clouds

How Can I Help You?

Corporate Trainings

Soft Skills/Behavioral Skills/Social Skills training can boost the  productivity, retention and a good culture in an Organization.

The higher an employee wants to raise on the ladder, higher these skills required.

Our hands on experience& expertise in training can definitely improve the individual and organizational performance.

Life Coaching

If you dream/aspire to take your life to the next level but stuck with limited options, lack confidence and skeptical about the possibilities, You are like the majority of the people.

Our Transformational coaching enables the individuals in examining their life from a wider perspective, clear mental blocks, explore and pursue the best options to realize their aspirations/goals and live to the fullest.


Now the world is changing at a faster rate than ever before. The radical changes in political, social, economical and technological factors are throwing many challenges to the human kind. people across the ages and sections are under pressure, leading to various social, emotional, and mental health issues.

In a confidential setting we guide and direct the individuals towards       new insights and coping skills for variety of issues through our professional counselling services.


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